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Pit Bull Trailer Restraint System Pit Bull Trailer Restraint System Westbusa - Horseheads Best restraint system ever "Had 1 for my hayabusa. Bought 1 for my sons R1. These trailer restraint sytems ate thebest. Easy to install. Easy to use. No straps needed. Well worth the price knowing your bike is not going to fall over in your trailer."
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Motosport Clamping Wheel Chock Motosport Clamping Wheel Chock xc530 - Ohio, USA Great Product "I have an enclosed trailer that I transport my bikes in. I bought this for my son's 65 and it works great. I already use one for my 450 and love it. The install is a breeze and the quality of the product is top notch. It is so easy to lock the bikes down and they don't go anywhere during transport. I highly recommend this product."
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