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Answer Pee-Wee Prodigy Roost Deflector Answer Pee-Wee Prodigy Roost Deflector jackie - Philadelphia, PA, USA Fits like it was meant for him! "I was very nervous about ordering something like this online, however there was a review for this product with a photo of a child wearing this and that made up my mind. My son is 3 and is very thin and long. i wasn't sure if this would be too bulky on him. he put it on when it arrived and it fits amazingly. i am super happy with my purchase."
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O'Neal 2017 Holeshot Protector O'Neal 2017 Holeshot Protector JD88 - Light weight and cool "Perfect for what I do... can't stand bulky chest protects. In Florida these things can get you breaking a sweat within minutes. This one stays nice cool. Usually ride Fox for chest protection... never again. I also like how the spine moves only to a certain point, allows for better ventilation and same protection, I think. Not for the track, but all day on the trail."
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