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EBC X Series Carbon Brake Pads EBC X Series Carbon Brake Pads NCSteve - Appalachia The best "If you go fast off road or mx and need the best front brake pads you can get, these are it. They're typically red, not black as commonly shown, not as durable as sintered metallic pads, but much better feel and don't grind down your rotors."
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Motion Pro Brake Bleeder Motion Pro Brake Bleeder Kyle - NJ Great for fluid flushes. "This works best if you are changing brake or clutch fluid. If you have no fluid in the line or a lot of air, this will not help you out much. The best thing would be to get a reverse bleeder or an air bleeder to fill the line. This works best at getting the brake or clutch feel how you like after getting a majority of the air out. I cut the tube going from the bleeder end to the one way valve. It cuts down on the amount of fluid that you need to "bleed out" to prime the check valve. Once the valve is primed you no longer need to hold the brake in while opening the bleeder screw. You can leave it open and just pump the lever."
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