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Devol Skid Plate Devol Skid Plate Backtension - Lima, Ohio Can't go wrong "The skid plate is nice... I bought it for use while riding in the mountains of West Virginia "Hatfield and McCoy Trails"... I think this plate is well worth the money.... Considering it's protection of your case and other vital components ..... I have an 02 KTM 250 SX and had one issue with mounting.... One of The bars that go across the frame to tighten the plate had to be modified for the shifter arm to operate properly. When I would down shift the arm would hit the bar not allowing it to go down all the way. I used a bench grinder and modified it a little so that I got the clearance needed so the arm could move without any problems.... Overall it's a great product.... I would recommend..!"
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Moose Pro Skid Plate Moose Pro Skid Plate Cdub - Nice and light "I love this "bashplate" , I wanted the lightest and most robust product , , ,this is it . Install was easy . Cameron Walker"
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