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Motorex Carburetor Clean Motorex Carburetor Clean Tyler - Santa Clarita, CA, USA Didn't Notice a Huge Difference "I was hoping to see something a little different with this stuff. It worked for the carbon and fuel that was built up in my girlfriends carburetor on her Crf150F, but only the stuff that was easy to get off. It didn't do anything for the crystallized fuel in the jets. Also it was hard to wipe off and didn't really dry as easily as similar products. Overall if you're just looking for something to clean off the light stuff, this is great. If you're looking to clean out the jets themselves, you're betting off spending the money on a carb rebuild kit."
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Maxima Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube Maxima Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube Tyler - Santa Clarita, CA, USA Works Great, Doesn't Last Long "Works just as well as WD-40. I bought this because my local shops stopped carrying WD-40, so I figured I'd try it out. Did the job no better or worse and is about the same price. Nozzle held up well throughout the life of the can. However I did notice it went pretty quick. Normally i can go about a month on a can of WD-40, this only lasted 3 weeks. So it's definitely not far off. I'd buy it again for sure though."
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