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Vortex V3 2.0 Clutch Lever Vortex V3 2.0 Clutch Lever LBAdvntre - Lancaster Vortex Clutch lever on 07' R6 "The adjustability, appearance, and durability has exceeded my expectations!"
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Motion Pro Brake Lever Motion Pro Brake Lever DFWFamilyRider - DFW, TX Great Parts "Excellence in Customer Service... I ordered this replacement part for my 2006 Yamaha 125TTR. Long Story Short; I ordered the wrong part and contacted Motosport. They sent me a replacement part. I received a wrong part (no fault of Motosport, MY OWN FAULT not noticing difference in models). I received this part. Did my homework (in depth as should have initially) notified motosport. I got the correct part and installed it. they were extremely helpful, and couldn't ask for a better experience DESPITE customer IGNORANCE."
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