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Artrax Tire Combo Artrax Tire Combo Justin - Grand Junction, CO, USA Great tires "I bought the se3 front and rear... ride in colorado.. all over single track.. lots of rocks and roots , hill climbs and very windy... so far have about 10 hrs on the tires tire wear is good.. normally ride Bridgestone x40 and get about 50hrs tops on them.. new to new i liked how the front handeled deflections better than the x40 and the traction.. rear tire is good on traction also... as far as a rider goes i been riding along time i ride every weekend and am on my fifth set this year... i love these tires.. will never pay twice the amount again... front tire was cake to mount... rear tire was much harder.. they do look skinny went one size over on the rear... front looked skinny but once again was the best front i have run" go figure".. hope this helps someone..."
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Artrax MXT Rear Tire Artrax MXT Rear Tire 07YamRaptor350 - St. Louis, MO, USA Overall Great tires "I was actually surprised by the durability these can go through, I have been through Sand, dirt, mud, rock and even a little snow and these have held up and preformed perfectly. Only thing I hardly disliked was the style...kind of a funky pattern but that doesn't really matter. Overall Great tires."
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