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Arai XD4 Helmet Arai XD4 Helmet Dennis - NJ Arai XD-4 "I saw a sign in a shop when I was a kid..."If you have a $10 head buy a $10 helmet..." Although Arai's are pricy, my life, 2 subsequent children and this review is only possible because my Arai helmet saved my life SEVERAL times as a professional racer! Now riding on the street these days, even more reason to wear the best!!! Fit is great, noise level is GREAT- tried Shuberth-too heavy, Nexx- too noisy and construction leaves a lot to be desired, Bell- OK and this helmet has them all covered!"
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Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet - Solid Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet - Solid Randy - Louisville, KY Incredible comfort and great features。 "I have been Bell helmet user for decades but decided to try the Arai after doing some research on head and neck injuries. The rounded design as part of the Company's safety philosophy and its great wearing comfort sold me on this helmet."
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