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ODI V2 Rogue Lock-On Grips ODI V2 Rogue Lock-On Grips azazello - Seattle, WA, USA My new favorite "They're a bit thicker than most (similar to Oury grips), which is my preference anyway. They're medium hardness, a bit stiffer than say Pro-Taper PillowTops but just barely. Something that came up is that on some handlebars you're going to have to file the knurling on the clutch side to make these slide on. I ended up destroying one trying to beat it on before I wised up and whipped out some sand paper. It's a hassle. ProTaper bars didn't have this issue but a few other brands did (Tag, MSR, Turner). It helps to heat up the clutch side grip with a heat gun before putting it on if it's a tight fit. So far they're holding up great. I was going to safety wire them out of habit but the rubber is bonded pretty solid to the plastic base of the grip so I think they'll hold up just fine without the safety wire."
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ODI Emig V2 Lock-On Grips ODI Emig V2 Lock-On Grips Zach - No more glue "I love these grips. The install is easy, they look and feel great and the best thing no more clue and can take off really easy if need be"
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