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Acerbis Impact EVO Knee/Shin Guards Acerbis Impact EVO Knee/Shin Guards Cash244 - Oklahoma, USA 4 out of 5 stars Good fit and comfort. "These are good shin/knee guards for the price. They bend well with the knees and feel comfortable. They are not as thick and durable looking as the Thor Force knee guards, but they are a little cheaper in price. The padding is a little thinner than the Thor Force guards. However, they do not tear up your pants and bike graphics like the Thor Force knee guards do. I recommend them if you are looking for pair of comfortable knee/shin guards that offer quite a bit if protection."
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Acerbis Cosmo Protection Jacket Acerbis Cosmo Protection Jacket hick - wenham, ma. 5 out of 5 stars SAVED "BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR MY 17 YEAR OLD SON . He came around an off camber turn in 3rd pinned , hit some acceleration bumps , bars crossed and swapped out .He landed flat and hard on his back and sommersaulted 2X more. I tell you this SAVED his spine and back. His jersey had a serious imprint of his COSMO imbedded with dirt , beside other stress rips and holes.Motorsport made this an affordable safety product , worth every dollar spent !"
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