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Yoshimura TEC Insert Yoshimura TEC Insert Josh - Trenton ga Yoshimura inserts "Very good durable product sounds absolutely wonderful looks 1,000 times better than any stock exhaust very noticeable and beneficial power difference"
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GYTR Performance Muffler Insert GYTR Performance Muffler Insert WRinWA - Bellingham, WA, USA The hot ticket for WR426 "My project WR426 came with a completely gutted stock YZ426 can on it that was just too loud for riding anywhere other than a closed course or private property. Weight and performance were not a concern, I just wanted an exhaust that wasn't so obnoxious, so I found a near-new stock exhaust and bolted that up along with a GYTR insert. Install is a snap: pull one bolt, remove factory baffle, install new insert and bolt it back together. The new insert looks sharp and is more attractive than the pea-shooter that came stock. Sound is slightly louder at idle, and a bit throatier under heavy acceleration, but is WAY quieter than my original setup. I found that jetting (which was spot on for the YZ can) was too rich and combined with the increased stock baffle's extra back pressure the bike refused to start. The GYTR insert is back to a one kick startup, no hiccups or bogging. YMMV. Further testing is needed, and I'm looking for a decibel meter so I can get some accurate readings, but I'm not worried about passing a sound check now. I will update when I have more data, but so far I'm completely happy."
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