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Acerbis Gas Tank Acerbis Gas Tank Megashovelman - VIRGINIA Replacement Gas Tank "I was glad to purchase this to replace my original gas tank because it appeared that ethanol in the fuel may have discolored the inside of the original. I saw a video on u tube of a Honda XR400R with a tank like this and also decided to purchase one of these."
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Acerbis Gas Tank Acerbis Gas Tank Dave - Georgetown, DE 19947, USA Nice Upgrade to 2015 500 EXC "(500 EXC 3.0 Gallon) You can't go wrong with nearly 50% more fuel range. Acerbis continues to make a quality product. Like most riders, I would like to see threaded inserts in the tank as opposed to using self tapping screws but, their design does work and I'm sure it's for the variation in the molding of each tank. Very nice fit and no issues with OEM plastics. No noticeable change in the bikes CG or handling characteristics. Wolfman tank bag rides up a little higher on the tank so I have to keep an eye out on the vent line but, no issues as of yet. I prefer the Acerbis fuel cap over the OEM. The natural tank is not as "white" as the natural factory tank but, I think it is a little easier to see your fuel level and the bike retains an "almost factory" look."
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