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Dynojet Power Commander 5 Dynojet Power Commander 5 heaved - Portland, OR, USA PC V installation was quick and easy "This item doesn't have the ability to adjust ignition timing from what I read. It has the oxygen sensor removal resistor plug ins for both sensors and is meant to be used without the factory oxygen sensors. I installed it on a 16 Harley low rider S 110 ci bike. It came with the stock map and the bike ran just like normal after installation. The bike at that time was all stock. Wiring harness and unit location allowed for just the right amount of room for installation and fitment of the extra harness and plugs x2 in that left side ecu housing. It is a bit tight, but with proper routing it fits in perfectly."
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Acerbis Gas Tank Acerbis Gas Tank Scm53 - Tampa fl Fitment "The tank went on my 12 crf250r. It looks great when installed. The initial instal was a bit of time consuming. I needed to stretch my shrouds over it to line up. The vent hose supplied with the tank was not the best. It would keep poping off so I replaced it. Other than the first install, I have no complaints yet. It is sitting close to my left radiator and maybe be rubbing. The tank is quality and has help up with a few rides. I can't notice it's on there when I'm on an mx track."
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