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Moose Plow Side Shield Moose Plow Side Shield Nodak - North Dakota (rural) Needs some more engineering for mount "I had these on for about 10 minutes when my blade tripped forward and it nearly pulled the mounting bolts through my Moose 55" straight blade. 2 days later I hit a drift, and the shield came right off. The shield itself is awesome. Very strong, very good quality shield. The manufacturer needs to fire their tester though, this shield is virtually useless in it's present configuration. If you add a bracket to the bottom and use the cutting edge bolt, and add a bracket to the top using a bolt from the rubber flap (if you have one), you won't have a problem. I currently have installed two homemade brackets that add a HUGE amount of strength to the shield and blade. I also got some thick washers for the two existing bolts. Overall the shields are awesome. I can move snow 3 times as fast when I don't worry about as much spillage. I can still wing the snow fairly well, though the shields to get in the way and the snow doesn't get thrown as far. Overall I recommend it, but just do the reinforcing prior to use. If you KNEW that you would never take your shields off, you could probably weld them on and not have any issues."
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Moose County Plow Blade Moose County Plow Blade MichGrown - Manchester, Mich Gets the Job Done! "I went with a 50" blade for my Honda Foreman and have Zero problems plowing snow! Studs in my tires I plow all day long my neighbors love me!"
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