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JD Jetting Jet Kit JD Jetting Jet Kit Flamespitting450 - Seattle, WA, USA Literally like a new bike "I have a 2003 CRF450R and has always run "alright" but never great. I just did my valve shims and was still running rough. A guy from work recommended this kit to me. Instructions are great and takes all the guess work about elevation and setting out of it. I can now get great power out of my bike, solid idle, and can really depend on it. The best $80 iv spent on my bike."
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FREE Flo 2-Stroke Carb Vent Hose Kit FREE Flo 2-Stroke Carb Vent Hose Kit HoleShotScott - Elwood, IN 03 cr125r "Awesome kit, at my door in two days, only comes with three hoses so you better buy two of them to make sure you have enough hoses for the job but it is an awesome looking product, this part is like buying a new pair of shoes, you never realize how good It can look until you have these!"
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