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Braking W-FIX Brake Rotor - Rear Braking W-FIX Brake Rotor - Rear WoodsRider204 - Pennsylvania, USA Braking W-Fix rotor "If you have an aftermarket hub, double check clearance of mounting bolts with the rear brake caliper bracket. My hub was slightly wider and required me to modify my bracket for the wheel to spin without interference. Check before you mount it and apply pads to it. Other than that it is a fantastic replacement and has lasted awhile so far. Durable and cool looking."
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Galfer Brake Shoes Galfer Brake Shoes Thumbs - Portland, OR, USA Great Brakes and Afforable "I put these on a custom 75 CL360 front and rear and there's nothing better than a fresh set of shoes. I don't expect them to last forever but it's a small light bike so they shouldn't be bad in the longevity department."
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