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DID DZ2 Master Link 520 DID DZ2 Master Link 520 Peter - Perfection! "Well maybe not.. but I've never had a bad master link and there's not much to say about them. It's 3 parts, each one, machined (or pressed) to perfection. It went on smooth and has stayed there ever since (except the time I took the chain off to put my new sprockets on). It looks lame but hey, it's a clip master link, they all do."
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Vortex CAT5 Rear Sprocket Vortex CAT5 Rear Sprocket GoZoomZoom - Central, VA, USA Surprise! "I was thrilled to discover that the Vortex Sprocket was literally HALF the weight of my old steel sprocket. Previous sprocket weighed 3.02lbs. Vortex sprocket was 1.56lbs... Direct fit, no issues with the install. Put a new chain on as well, I've put 400+miles on the set-up. No issues! With the variety of oddball sizes, I think I'll be using vortex again!"
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