Troy Lee Designs 2014 SE Pro Pants - Corse

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Durable and Ventilated

The crown jewel of the TLD gear line, the SE Pro Gear was developed to provide riders with an extraordinary balance between lightweight feel and bullet-proof strength. State of the art, technologically advanced materials provide maximum durability, ventilation and unprecedented fit. SE Pro Race Gear is the embodiment of the very best research, development and ingenuity that TLD has to offer.

  • Soft 500 denier polyester / 900 denier blended perforated mesh provides maximum air flow.
  • Hook-and-loop side cinch strap system allows for up to 2" expansion of waist.
  • Oversized 15" cowhide leather on the knee for maximum durability, added grip and heat protection.
  • Full nylon mesh liner.
  • Hook-and-loop / snap button front and YKK brand zipper for increased closure security.
  • Double and triple stitching in critical stress points for maximum strength.
  • Sliding rear yoke stretch system allows the pants to stay in place.
  • Lightweight TPR logo patches on thigh for added protection and style.
  • Oversized 4-way stretch crotch design provides race fit comfort.
  • Articulated 2-way stretch rear knee and calf panel and accordion stretch in front knee to accommodate protection.
  • Tailored, athletic fit for maximum comfort and performance.
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SizeChestFront LengthCenter Back Sleeve
Small 21in (53.3cm) 28in (71.1cm) 33in (83.8cm)
Medium 22in (55.9cm) 29in (73.7cm) 35in (88.9cm)
Large 23in (58.4cm) 30in (76.2cm) 37in (94.0cm)
X-Large 24in (61.0cm) 31in (78.7cm) 38in (96.5cm)
2X-Large 25.5in (64.8cm) 32in (81.3cm) 39in (99.1cm)
3X-Large 26.5in (67.3cm) 33in (83.8cm) 39in (99.1cm)
Sprint Jersey
SizeChestFront LengthCenter Back Sleeve
X-Small 20in (50.8cm) 26in (66.0cm) 31in (78.7cm)
Small 21in (53.3cm) 27in (68.6cm) 32in (81.3cm)
Medium 22in (55.9cm) 28in (71.1cm) 34in (86.4cm)
Large 23in (58.4cm) 29in (73.7cm) 36in (91.4cm)
X-Large 24in (61.0cm) 30in (76.2cm) 37in (94.0cm)
2X-Large 25.5in (64.8cm) 31in (78.7cm) 38in (96.5cm)
Ace Jersey
SizeChestFront LengthCenter Back Sleeve
Small 19in (48.3cm) 21.75in (55.2cm) 13.5in (34.3cm)
Medium 20in (50.8cm) 22.5in (57.1cm) 14in (35.6cm)
Large 21in (53.3cm) 23.5in (59.7cm) 14.5in (36.8cm)
X-Large 22in (55.9cm) 24in (61.0cm) 15in (38.1cm)
Ruckus Jersey
SizeChestFront LengthCenter Back Sleeve
Small 22in (55.9cm) 24.5in (62.2cm) 22.5in (57.1cm)
Medium 23in (58.4cm) 25in (63.5cm) 22.75in (57.8cm)
Large 24in (61.0cm) 26in (66.0cm) 23in (58.4cm)
X-Large 25in (63.5cm) 27in (68.6cm) 23.25in (59.1cm)
2X-Large 26in (66.0cm) 28in (71.1cm) 23.5in (59.7cm)
Skyline Jersey
SizeChestFront LengthCenter Back Sleeve
Small 22in (55.9cm) 24.5in (62.2cm) 15.25in (38.7cm)
Medium 23in (58.4cm) 25in (63.5cm) 15.5in (39.4cm)
Large 24in (61.0cm) 26in (66.0cm) 15.75in (40.0cm)
X-Large 25in (63.5cm) 27in (68.6cm) 16in (40.6cm)
2X-Large 26in (66.0cm) 28in (71.1cm) 16.25in (41.3cm)
SE, SE Pro, GP & GP Air Pants
SizeWaistInseamKnee WidthOutseam
28 29 - 33in (73.7 - 83.8cm) 30.5in (77.5cm) 11in (27.9cm) 38.5in (97.8cm)
30 31 - 34in (78.7 - 86.4cm) 31in (78.7cm) 11.5in (29.2cm) 39.5in (100.3cm)
32 33 - 36in (83.8 - 91.4cm) 32in (81.3cm) 12in (30.5cm) 40in (101.6cm)
34 35 - 38in (88.9 - 96.5cm) 32.5in (82.5cm) 12.25in (31.1cm) 41in (104.1cm)
36 37 - 40in (94.0 - 101.6cm) 33.5in (85.1cm) 12.5in (31.8cm) 41.5in (105.4cm)
38 39 - 42in (99.1 - 106.7cm) 34in (86.4cm) 13in (33.0cm) 42.5in (108.0cm)
40 41 - 44in (104.1 - 111.8cm) 35in (88.9cm) 13.5in (34.3cm) 43.5in (110.5cm)
42 43 - 46in (109.2 - 116.8cm) 36in (91.4cm) 14in (35.6cm) 44in (111.8cm)
44 45 - 48in (114.3 - 121.9cm) 36in (91.4cm) 14.25in (36.2cm) 44in (111.8cm)
26 25 - 27in (63.5 - 68.6cm) Moto = 14.75in (37.5cm)
28 27 - 29in (68.6 - 73.7cm) Sprint = 14in (35.6cm)
30 29 - 31in (73.7 - 78.7cm) Skyline = 14.25in (36.2cm)
32 31 - 33in (78.7 - 83.8cm) Ace = 13.75in (34.9cm)
36 35 - 37in (88.9 - 94.0cm)  
38 37 - 39in (94.0 - 99.1cm)  
Hand Circumference 7in (17.8cm) 8in (20.3cm) 9in (22.9cm) 10in (25.4cm) 11in (27.9cm)
Hand Width 2.5in (64mm) 3in (76mm) 3.5in (89mm) 4in (102mm) 4.5in (114mm)
Measuring Instructions

Hand Circumference: Measure around the widest part of your hand, excluding the thumb.

Hand Width: Measure across the top of your hand, excluding the thumb.