Thor 2016 Force Knee Guards

Thor 2016 Force Knee Guards
Thor 2016 Force Knee Guards

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Comfort 3/5 Durability 4/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 4/5
Duct tape

I really like these but I had to layer (small pieces) duct tape on the inside leg screw parts to stop tearing up my pants and graphics. It has seemed to work much better. You need to wear them with the tape on for a little to stretch it out some and get the flexibility back.

Altus, OK 73521, USA
Comfort 4/5 Durability 4/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 4/5 Style 4/5
Would maybe fit better if i was shorter

Just received these today and tried them on. felt good standing up and bending the knees but when i sat on the bike they got very uncomfortable. hard to grip the shrouds and lost all foot control movement. will take them to the take this weekend to try and see if they will break in if not i will be returning

BrotherDeal Verified Purchaser
Memphis, TN, USA
Comfort 4/5 Durability 4/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5
Excellent coverage

Just got these so have only worn once.
After a few minutes of riding forgot I had them on.
Plenty of straps to ensure a solid fit.
Several ridding buddies have been using these for a while and swear by them.

Woodstock, IL
Comfort 2/5 Durability 3/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 3/5 Style 3/5
Good Product for the money, but kills pants

This is a Good and cheap product for the money... But will destory your pants in the matter of a couple rides by wearing a hole into the side. Once there is a hole in the side of your pants it will poke out and wreck your graphics/ scratch your plastics

Comfort 3/5 Durability 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5
Good guards, get socks

I like these and they fit well with my boots, bought socks after first ride. These will make your knee pits raw.

Comfort 3/5 Durability 2/5 Performance 1/5 Sizing - true to size? 4/5 Style 3/5
Kills pants/graphics

These braces are okay but tare up your pants and graphics way too much! You think Thor would have thought of this when designing them.

losttoof501 Verified Purchaser
Comfort 3/5 Durability 3/5 Performance 3/5 Sizing - true to size? 2/5 Style 4/5

The description separates sizing by the height of 5'7".
I am right at 5'7", and purchased the small/medium size.
They were way too small, I had to exchange them for the large/xlarge, which are a bit too long.
I wish Thor would measure by leg length and diameter and offer a few more varying sizes for these lower budget knee guards.
That sure would help us broke guys out.

cmata415 Verified Purchaser
Fargo, ND, USA
Comfort 4/5 Durability 5/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 4/5 Style 5/5
Great product

The 2014 Thor Force Knee Guards are great for the price they do their job. The size is a bit small and you could feel them sometimes too tie but after a few rides they feel better. They are good and the style is great.

Pasadena, CA, USA
Comfort 1/5 Durability 4/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 3/5 Style 4/5
Protect good but not comfortable and eat pants

I have had these for a while and have a love hate relationship with them. They have saved me in some good crashes into rocks but they have also ripped holes in the knees on my pants where I connect with bike. They also hurt the back of my legs cause the Velcro will remove your skin if not wearing a protective layer under them which sucks on a hot day. But for the price I have not found anything that protects better and will keep using them till I find something better.

Greenville, Ohio
Comfort 4/5 Durability 5/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 4/5
Force guards

the knee guards are excellent for the price more like getting a knee brace for knee guard price. I broke a set of asterick and bought these because i didnt want to spend another butt ton of money. the only thing i do not like about them is after riding a long time a strap comes undone.i dont know it tho until i go to take them off. they stay secure and do not move around a lot wen riding. Overall it was money well spent

LastKidPicked Verified Purchaser
Comfort 3/5 Durability 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5
Great gear!

These fit great look great and feel great! Only thing, definitely wear some sort of under armor protection between your skin and the pads because they chafe.


when i got these knee guards they were a little stiff but after wearing them for 20 min or so they loosened right up and u could barley feel them on. yes the padding on the back is a little itchy but just wear long socks it gets ride of it. it is really all plastic on the front witch makes them a little bulky but is very protective. and all around the price is good and they feel good and they are just a great buy

North carolina
Awesome product

Thor has really made an outstanding knee guard at an unarguable price. Very comfortable and has great ergonomic movement. Really helps with getting your knees right up on the shrouds in turns. I would reccomend wearing some kind of under armor to prevent chaffing the back of the legs. Other than that I am impressed.

danbury, ct
Is a pair?

The price $ 99.00 is for a pair or for just 1 ?

Broken Arrow, OK
Suprised at how good they were

I was thinking of just knee guards and these turned out to be great knee support and protection. They are very comfortable, easy to adjust and will recommend them to all my friends that are just looking for a little extra support for thier knees.

jackson, michigan
It really protects

these knee braces really protect your knees and part of your thighs. the price is good too. the first time i rode with these i crashed and got knocked unconsious. then a guy came flying over that same jump and ran over my legs exactly where i was wearing these. my knees where perfectly fine. who knows what would have happened without these. my only complaint is that the straps scratch your legs so i would recommend knee socks. and they are quite bulky so not as much flexability. but its worth it.

Thor 2016 Force Knee Guards
Thor 2016 Force Knee Guards

the knee pads are great and everything but my main concern and why i gave it such a badd rating is because the bolts in the bracepart of it keep coming out and its dangerous because ill be in the middle of a race and then all of a sudden ill have a screw in between my shin and boot and it scraps me all up and im a lil upset about that plus it throws my focus off beecause all i can think about is how much it hurts sitting in between my shin and boot

Ordway, CO
Thor Force Knee Braces/Guards

I bought these braces early in the summer hoping to save a few bucks and actually get a little protection at the same time. As of right now I'm fairly pleased with them, only flaws I have had with them is that the sizing is rather generalized so i cant use the upper velcro it bunches up behind my knees and makes my legs practically immobile i just velcro it to the front of the brace and use the strap in the back of my thigh

The valley bro
Good, but can be improved

They protect good. They feel good when broken in. I didnt like the lack of sizing. (only 2 sizes) I think thats why myself and others are getting them tight around the calf. The thigh straps on mine broke after about a year and a half. But I repaired them. I also lost a screw and replaced that as well. Even after my negative comments, they seem to be the best in their class.

Monterey, CA
Not bad at all, but not right

I think these are the best knee guard in this class (the non-cheapy, non-brace class).
But it was a bit weird around the calf. There wasn't enough material on the lower velcro part that goes around the calf.
I'm 5'6" 155 and my wife is 5'6" 120. For both of us it was hard to get the lower material fastened properly around the calf. It is just BARELY fastened on the last little piece of velcro in order to not make my wife's feet go numb.
She doesn't have cankles. haha.

The material above the knee was plenty though.
Maybe we got a defective set? I haven't seen anyone else mention this in the reviews.

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22 Questions
Answered:   22
Not Yet:   0
Q: My knee measures at 45cm and my thigh is 74cm circumference, what size would I need and would they slide down?
Over 3 years ago
because of the large difference a lot of knee braces and supports tend to slide down. I want to know what size I might need and how reliable they are for not sliding down?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago
A: Thor does not provide specific measurements on these. They are adjustable so that they can be used for a wide range of leg sizing. The sizing reference I did find on these was based on rider height. I would say the majority of adult riders wearing these would fall under the L/XL sizing.

S/M fits most riders up to 5’7” tall
L/XL fits most riders taller than 5’7”
2XL/3XL fits most riders with larger than average legs

Also, from what I have seen on these guards you should be able to adjust them to wear they will fit securely without having to worry about them moving around on your legs. The lower portion of these would fit down into the top of the boots as well which helps keep them in place as well.
Over 3 years ago Location: Houston, TX, USA
A: My knee guards don't slide I'm 5-6"and they fit good with S/M
Q: Im about 5,4 and I'm not fat but my legs are thick will they fit?
Over 4 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: It is very hard to say depending on what each of our thoughts would be regarding thick, but the 2XL sizing is specifically for people that have larger than average legs. The only issue may lie in how long they are for your height. Since this is a pivoting knee guard it wont be quite as universal as a traditional knee cup that doesnt pivot. If I were to recommend a size based on your info, i would say go with the 2XL.
Q: Im 5-9 /135 pounds and my knees are kinda skinny what size would u recommend?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago
A: i would say maybe the sm/md..but thats not a guaranteed fitment.
Over 7 years ago Location: Arizona
A: small/medim. I am 6 foot 1 in 140lbs and mine fit great.
Q: Youth sizes?
Over 7 years ago
my son is 8 yrs old @ 60 pounds will the small fit him?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago
A: no
Q: Could this break a femur.?
Over 7 years ago
I am looking at getting some knee/shin guards and not braces because of possible femur breakings. Do you think this guard could break a femur? Thanks for any help.
Top 1000 Contributor Top 500 Contributor
Over 7 years ago Location: Richland,WA.
A: NO! Crashing your bike does that! Those are there to help not mesh up your knee. Whats better the knee or femur? How do you make choices of what to break and what not to? Put some protective gear on and ride to your ability!!
Top 25 Contributor Top 10 Contributor
Over 7 years ago Location: Mays Landing, NJ
A: There is no guarantee you won't break your femur no matter what you're wearing. The femur is the strongest bone in the body. I can guarantee you that braces don't cause a femur break, including these. I would blame the severity of your falls.
Location: Rockinghan N.C.
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago Location: USA
A: these are not intended to be worn over blue jeans, they need to be up against the skin, or thin knee sock.
Top 500 Contributor Top 1000 Contributor
Over 7 years ago Location: Richland,WA.
A: If you want? look kind of silly. But I have seen it
Location: RWC
Q: Are these meant to be worn over or under pants?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: P+RTLAND
A: These go under your pants.
Top 500 Contributor Top 1000 Contributor
Over 7 years ago Location: Richland,WA.
A: Under, but u can do it either way. Looks funny.
Location: VA
Q: How many knee guards come with in the Thor force knee guards package?
Over 7 years ago
Over 7 years ago Location: Ramstein AB, Germany
A: Its a pair. Left/Right
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: P+RTLAND
A: Sold in pairs are stated in description.
Q: Hi i am 178cm tall and weigh 70kg what size would be a good fit?
Over 7 years ago
Over 7 years ago Location: Ramstein AB, Germany
A: I'd go with the lg/xl for sure. I' m about youre height and use the same guard
Location: Rio Rancho, NM
Q: What are the main size differences between the s/m and the l/xl?
Over 7 years ago
I have tried on a pair of my friends L/XL and they are way to big around my thigh and calf. On the s/m, are they a lot shorter or is the knee area tighter? If the main difference is just the straps, that would be great to know. I am 6' so the hieght on the l/xl is great, just to big around. Summery (lol) How tall are each for the shin then thigh parts and are the knee caps about the same? thank you and look forward to ordering soon.
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago Location: USA
A: Unfortunately Thor doesn't offer a very specific sizing chart for these knee guards. They only reference size by rider height. And I know this info doesn't help much, but that is all we know about these knee.

Maybe someone else will chime in with actual comparison between the sizes.
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