Repsol Moto 4T Sintetico Full Synthetic Oil

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Repsol Moto 4T Sintetico Full Synthetic Oil
Repsol Moto 4T Sintetico Full Synthetic Oil
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  • This item is considered hazardous material. Orders containing this product will ship ground only and cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or US Territories.

A synthetic lubricant oil that is well suited to modern 4-stroke engines due to it providing maximum protection to engines of medium and high capacities of one, two, three or four cylinders, guaranteeing the maintenance of all engine components and the sufficient lubrication of oil-immersed (wet) clutches. It is an oil which enables immediate response from the engine.

  • Synthetic lubricant oil for modern 4-stroke engines with a special formula to perform on the road.
  • Multigrade oil with excellent thermal stability thanks to its selected synthetic components.
  • Increases the power and improves throttle response making the full potential of the engine available.
  • Its viscosimetric properties help start the engine in cold temperatures and aid lubrication at any temperature.
  • High detergent and dispersant power, keeping all parts of the engine clean.
  • Provides good friction on clutch discs, preventing slippage and premature wear in wet clutch lubrication systems.
  • Maximum protection for medium and high-capacity engines with any cylinder configuration.

Quality level:

  • Meets API-SJ standards.
  • JASO T 903:2006 MA2.
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