Oakley Mayhem MX Roll-Off Accessory Kit

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Oakley Mayhem MX Roll-Off Accessory Kit
Oakley Mayhem MX Roll-Off Accessory Kit
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Kit suitable for Oakley Mayhem Goggles.

The kit includes:

  • Roll-Off system pre-mounted on an anti-fog goggle lens.
  • 2 rolls of Roll-Off film (including one already assembled).
  • 1 Mud Flap (mud guard).


  • Number of pulls per Film Roll: 55, ±3.
  • Maximum Film travel per pull: 185 mm.
  • Vertical Film height: 31 mm.
  • Horizontal distance between canisters: 140 mm.
  • Important Note: The amount of film traveling across the lens with each full pull will vary from beginning to end of the film cartridge. The reason for this is the diameter of the cylinder that the film wraps around in the "pull-side" canister will increase as you use up the cartridge, which will generate more travel per pull. So, at the beginning of a roll, it may take more than one pull to clear the entire lens, but toward the end of the roll one pull will span the entire lens. This means the effective number of full lens "clearings" will be in the neighborhood of 45 rather than 55. These specifications are consistent with the top-performing competitors out in the field.
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Rider8 2 years 6 months ago
What color is the goggle lens is it clear or a dark gray?
MotoSport Staff
2 years 6 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
The lens in this kit will be clear. It is tinted in the picture to contrast the roll-off film to better see it as an example.
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