No Toil Evolution Oil

No Toil Evolution Oil
No Toil Evolution Oil

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Description Item #NOI0006

Evolution Air filter oil has all the great dirt stopping tackiness and high air flow characteristics as the original No-Toil Filter Oil, but without the alcohol. Evolution is compatible with any brand of air filter and, without the alcohol solvent, the foam element will last longer and glue seams won't delaminate. Evolution is compatible with the original No-Toil Filter Cleaner and cleans amazingly easy and quick and will shock your senses with how clean it will get your dirty filter. For the oil to tack up, it may take as long as five or more hours. No-Toil recommends letting it set out overnight before use.

  • No alcohol.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Only "air shippable" foam air filter oil in the world.
  • Compatible with all foam air filters.
  • Foam friendly (will not degrade foam).
  • Hi-Tack.
  • Completely biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Waterproof: will not wash off filter with water alone.
  • Super easy to clean using No-Toil Filter Cleaner.
  • Green Standard leader.

Note: The water carrier drying time will vary depending on climate and relative humidity and will require at least 5 hours to "tack up" sufficiently for use. Overnight drying is recommended. Acceleration of drying time can be accomplished by direct sunlight or fans. The (2) filter system is recommended where one filter is always on the bike and one being "prepped". For those riders who don't have time for Evolution's longer drying time, then the original No-Toil filter oil is the correct choice.

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17 Reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Top 500 Contributor Verified Purchaser
Good Stuff!!

The No Toil oil is the best and has the easiest way to clean filters!

Verified Purchaser
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Good product

I've been using no toil for a while and like how easy it is to clean my filter. Just don't let the filter too long without service because it dries up sooner than regular oil filter.

Top 250 Contributor Verified Purchaser
northeast, TN
Wont go back to spray-on oil. This is a breeze!!

This makes the air filter chore a lot easier and cleaner than spray on oil. It does take a long time for the water carrier in the oil to evaporate tho. The directions on the oil say to use approx 2oz of oil; I would recommend doing 1oz first, then after it dries, add the second oz and allow it to dry. This worked a lot better for me, as my loudmouth filter seemed to constantly drip oil out of the bottom of it when i did 2oz at once, even after squeezing out as much excess as i could. Also, the filter seemed tackier when i added the two ounces separately. The cleaner works perfectly

Verified Purchaser
Prosper, TX
Great Product

Works great

Verified Purchaser
Cabot, Arkansas
I like this product

The green air filter oil is smooth and easy to spread evenly on the filter and washes out of the sink with just soap and water.
Also, the service and fast shipping is the best. I receive my items in 1 day 99% of the time !!!! with the regular shipping cost.
We love them.

Top 1000 Contributor
Albertville, Al
Easy Stuff

Recomended by a friend. I have used this trrough 3 cleanings, and appears to be good. It is alot easier to clean and re-oil with.

Top 250 Contributor
Best oil

Will never use another filter oil ever.

Clinton, Oh
Good product

This oil is different. Its really watery when you put it on the filter and it doesnt ever seem to really tack up like most filter oils do. Works well though. Good thats its environment friendly.

Hyannis MA

Listen to No-Toil

I never thought No-Toil cleaner worked that well, I always had dirt that never wanted to come out. At the time I was putting in an estimate of the the ratios that were instructed, after following exact instructions (accompanied by a No-Toil filter) I have doubled the air filter life and the filter is as white as when i bought it after every cleaning.

Top 1000 Contributor
Chicago, IL
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Green Goo

I was tired of using parts cleaner and soap & water to clean my air filters so i wanted something new. Well i think the old way was a pain but it worked. This green goo they call filter oil doesnt stick to the filter well and smells a little funky to.The cleaner is a powder you disolve in water that works well with there oil but you still need soap & water to finsh..

Top 1000 Contributor
Titusville, FL
New to me

This is my first time trying this no toil but I'm sold on it! Clean up is so much easier than belray and cost less. I think I have found a new product for me to use!

Hudson, NC
Good green oil

It is pretty good stuff but looks like green Elmer's glue.

It took about half a bottle to do one large ATV foam filter though.

Cleanup is super easy with all No-Toil oil with just simple warm water and some Oxyclean.

However, water resistance is questionable. I have not tested this product yet, but the other No-Toil oils had zero water resistance.

Motosport's processing and shipping is slow though. So don't expect it arrive when you expected. Order elsewhere if you are on a time frame.

O'Neill NE
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
A little goes a long way

I've had good luck with No Toil oil so far. Switching from the aerosol spray to the plastic bottle variety does take some getting used to, though. With most oil, you can apply it generously without having it drip off the fliter. That's not the case with the No Toil. If you put on just enough to cover the whole surface of the filter you'll be fine, but if you even get just a little too much it will make a mess. If it does, give it a little time and once the excess is off the filter it's fine though. Just requires a little clean-up if you put too much on. Other than that it seems to keep the nasty stuff out of the carb without choking off the air supply.

pocatello idaho
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Im happy with it.

Works really good. I was worried about sand and dirt getting through the filter. Two track days and a trip go the dunes and im sold on it..

Top 1000 Contributor
Boulder, co
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Good stuff

I will use NoToil over any other of the other chemicals as long as I ride. At first I was worried that the oil would not be as effective as the others, but this is far from true. Oil is very tacky and very resilient. Actually you can't seem to get the oil of with anything but the detergent they provide. The fact that you can wash your filters int he sink makes this purchase totally worth it.

Venice CA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Strange stuff but works well.

This stuff works... just dont get it on y our hands or on stuff around the shop. I'm a chemist by profession and I'm still trying to figure out what this stuff is.... I have y good idea, but I'll say it works well as air filter "oil" and it does clean off nicely using water with their No Toil cleaner. If you have a 4 stroke, this kind of flame resistant oil is good stuff.... See my review for filter and cage.... filter fit is poor vs competition. " ease of installation is 2 stars... cos it doesnt wipe off with paper towel EZ... but no big deal really.

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