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Yana Shiki Rear Rotor Yana Shiki Rear Rotor GixxerPsycho - Antioch, CA, USA Look great, Stop Great "I bought the Yana Shiki brake rotors off of looks for my RC51 a couple of years back and they worked great. Last year I bought the front rotors for my gixxer 1000 and used them on the 2 mile Thunderhill raceway west course and the stopping power was amazing. I had complete confidence in braking deep and late, trail braking without a high side, and braking all the way to the apex without any problems. Drastic improvement over stock, and I would rate them up there with Galfers but for less money."
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Yana Shiki R-Series Windscreen Yana Shiki R-Series Windscreen Ducton - Zx14R screen "Easy to fit and was a good fit. 2 holes needed opening out just a little to get the 2 plastic OEM plugs to fit. Otherwise great - well worth the money"
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