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BeadBuster XB-455 Bead Breaker BeadBuster XB-455 Bead Breaker HappyH2 - A "Must Have" tool for ATV enthusiast "I couldn't be happier with the purchase of the Bead Buster XB- 455. I was a little skeptical of this little tool doing the job of those large and bulky bead busters, BUT I was amazed at how well it worked and easy it was to use. Don't let your friends leave home without one :)"
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Artrax Mini Tire Combo Artrax Mini Tire Combo Jimmy250 - NJ Cheap Hook up! "Bought this combo on close out for my sons TTR 90, it's his current Hare Scramble Race bike. I wasn't sure when they came, they felt a little to hard, but I mounted them and he went and raced on them, took 2nd and said,"Dad omg those tires hook up!" I said ok glad that worked out!!! Great deal for the money and I will see how long they last. Jim"
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