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Woodcraft Clip-Ons - Universal Woodcraft Clip-Ons - Universal Gearhead - Portland, OR 5 out of 5 stars Excellent build quality "Like all Woodcraft products, these clip-ons are fantastically well-built and easy to set up. The only negative is that there are only a couple sizes Woodcraft make that do not use spacers, and there is no way of knowing which come with spacers and which do not. So in my case, I bought 30mm clip-ons, and they were actually 34mm bases with 2mm spacers included to bring them down to 30mm. Even with spacers they fit really well, I was just hoping to have exact-fit. Fantastic for vintage race bikes."
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Woodcraft Replacement Shift Pedal Tip Woodcraft Replacement Shift Pedal Tip jbenedict28 - Seattle, WA, USA 5 out of 5 stars Nice Shifter Tip "My Hypermotard tipped over and the shifter tip broke off which required a complete shifter from Ducati at $130. Before I dropped the cash on a new shifter I thought I would drill the end of the shifter and bolt on the woodcraft pedal. Glad to say works great and looks better than stock."
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