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Vega Phantom Helmet - Butterfly Vega Phantom Helmet - Butterfly MaukaJo - Kealakekua, HI, USA Love everything except the Surface Texture "Love this helmet - fit, graphics, face shield that is sort of a hybrid between a street helmet and an off road helmet. Visor and drop down sunshade work great. Ventilation is adequate. What I hate is that the surface of this helmet is a matte finish and all areas not covered by graphics became gummy and tacky collecting every bit of dirt after about the first year. It does not wipe, rinse or scrub off. Soft cloth, microfiber, escalating to a scotch pad and some chemicals. Just yucky. My two older helmets stored in the same area have no problems. I do live in a hot, humid area so you may not have it problem in drier areas. I would get a Vega helmet again (and will have to) but it will be one with a shinny surface. Too bad, just love the butterflies!"
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LS2 FF386 Helmet LS2 FF386 Helmet totruck - pa great helmet "i love this helmet ,has every feature i wanted at a great price"
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