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ITP Mud Lite AT Tire ITP Mud Lite AT Tire Braapppmaster - 5 out of 5 stars 96 yamaha warrior "I bought a pair of 21-8-10 (front) and a pair of 25-12-9 (rear). These tires look and work great. After the installation i noticed to difference right away. The up graded from my old 24-11-9 pair of bridgestone dirt hooks and some old leaky fleet farm tires on the front was well worth it! They hook!!! These tires are 6 ply so they are a lot harder than the old ones which will make for a rougher ride. I only paid $300 so it was a great deal. I know someone who paid more for just a set of fronts. When i brought the rear tires i was a little worried that they wouldnt fit since they were the biggest possible ones i could get for a 9" rim but they just fit. Now i have 6 1/2 inches of ground clearance which is unheard of on a sporty four wheeler. I just went up north last weekend and they preformed very well. These tires also came a day ahead of time and it included some motosport stickers."
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Motion Pro KYB Fork Cap Tool Motion Pro KYB Fork Cap Tool MXDad - Kittrell, NC, USA 5 out of 5 stars Most Need Tool!! "This is a most tool if you are planning to rebuild or replace fork seals. One thing I like, is the tool works well by hand when you are pushing down the fork cap to start threads. Really gives you more leverage! Prevents damage to the outer / inner fork cap when disassembling. Be sure to match the tool size to the correct forks before ordering!!"
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