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Tourmaster Polar-Tex 3.0 Gloves Tourmaster Polar-Tex 3.0 Gloves Brian - Northwest Ohio Did not solve my issue. "I bought the Polar-Tex 3.0 hoping to feel more comfortable “warm” on my commute to work. Compared to the $20 leather gauntlets that I was using, these are only slightly better as far as warmth. When I measure my hand I was at the outer limits of size large and that is what I bought. This glove fits wonderfully. It is less bulky that my previous pair of winter gloves. I am really enjoying the touchscreen capable index and thumb fingers. I bought the black and Hi-Viz yellow hoping for more visibility. I was hoping for a little more reflective piping for night time riding. My ride in this morning was 35deg.F. It took ten minutes for me to notice some coolness. Five minutes after that my hands were cold. Five minutes after that my fingers started hurting. The last five minutes my fingers were throbbing from being so cold. If you are looking for a warmer winter glove this is not going to solve your dilemma. My next pair of winter gloves will be heated."
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Tourmaster Silk Glove Liner Tourmaster Silk Glove Liner STrider - Harrisonburg, VA, USA nice gloves "I needed a bit more insulation on cool mornings when my uninsulated leather gloves weren't warm enough but my cold weather gloves were just too much. These silk gloves really fit the bill. They easily fit under my other gloves and feel great. They provide enough insulation to keep my hands comfortable while maintaining good tactile feel and dexterity. The gloves seem to be well made and are true to size. They are susceptible to snagging on velcro hooks so I'm careful about that. When not using them, they take up very little space in a jacket pocket or saddlebag. I'm very satisfied with this purchase."
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