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Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Heaters Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Heaters Roadhound - Atlanta, Ga Very nice heat "This is a very complete kit, I was surprised that it came with a large piece of shrink tubing to provide some insulation for the clutch side heat element. It installs easily, and provides a nice level of heat."
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Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Heaters Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Heaters Baron - Chico, Ca Symtec Heaters on Husky 701 Enduro "I've been using these for years on various bikes. A bit more expensive than others but you get what you pay for. The less expensive heaters have an in-line resistor that gets hot and is one more thing to deal with when installing. On high, the Symtec heaters get very hot so I use that setting at first, then switch to the low. These mount nicely on the 701. There is plenty of room behind the headlight and there are two extra accessory wires easy to connect to. One is marked accessory 1 and it is keyed to the ignition. Next to it is accessory 2 that goes directly to the battery so is hot all of the time. Not a good idea to use that one because if you forget to turn your heaters off you will drain the battery. These wires are tucked in behind the headlight on the throttle side and are clearly marked (way to go Husky!) There is also plenty of room to mount the switch on the left side plastic (see picture) above the turn signal. My only complaint is that the included directions could be more clear, particularly the illustrations. Also the ground/negative wires are red which usually indicates the opposite. It would be less confusing if Symtec would change these to black or brown. Also I like the included flush mount rocker switch, looks cleaner than the metal toggle and it's nice that they include a mounting bracket for the switch if you need it."
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