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Yana Shiki R-Series Windscreen Yana Shiki R-Series Windscreen 08Gixxer750 - Salt Lake City, UT, USA Not very smokey "I would call it more of a haze... This screen must be about one or two shades darker than the original clear screen. I wanted something much darker so had to return for the dark smoke. Make sure you know what you are looking for"
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Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen Chris - Queen Creek, AZ, USA Way bette than stock! "Many complain that this doesn't do its job. After riding with this windshield for 6000 miles, I can say that it does reduce the force of the air on the rider, but it can never fully eliminate that effect. Riding position will also affect how well this windshield works too. If you have a sport bike that has you leaning forward, it'll do fine. If you ride an FZ1 like myself, it helps keep the wind from blowing you around a bit."
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