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SPIDI Voyager H2OUT Gloves SPIDI Voyager H2OUT Gloves JCas - "Good cool to cold weather glove, much warmer than my 10 year old Cold weather gloves... not enough time to give true opinion of durability as it's just getting cold but they seem well made. Good investment of my hard earned $$$."
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SPIDI Women's Gradus Pants SPIDI Women's Gradus Pants Bird - Returned the pants "They were very well made and I would have kept them if they had fit. They were an extra large. I wear a size 14 and expected the extra large to be able to go over jeans. They DIDNT EVEN COME CLOSE to fitting without jeans. A very very small extra large!! I returned them on April 30, so I am expecting my credit for the return in the next day or two!!!"
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