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Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet - Seeker Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet - Seeker Roadhound - Atlanta, Ga Great Helmet "I'm very pleased with this helmet, I've been riding with Shoei helmets for years as they just fit my head. The Hornet X2 is the best of the bunch I'm amazed at how quite it is, the viisor works great, no lift at speed, the windscreen stays up and out of my vision when pushed up to the highest position. The finish of the helmet is excellent and it's the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn."
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Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet - Seeker Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet - Seeker MotoEnthusiast - Dover, NH, USA Nice Helmet with a Couple Issues "I bought this size L Hornet X2 Seeker helmet to replace my older Hornet XD which got destroyed in a motorcycle crash last spring. I owe my life to the Hornet XD that I was wearing in that crash so why not another Shoei? I don’t like buying something like a helmet online because the fit is so important, but since Motosport was offering a great deal on the Seeker I took a chance and ordered one. The price was great, their return policy is excellent and they shopped it to me in just a few days. When I pulled my new Hornet X2 out of the box I was quite impressed with the finish, quality and features. Trying it on, it was quite difficult to get it over my ears and on my head, but once on it was a snug, secure fit, just like my old XD. I wore the X2 on a short ride to make sure all is okay and then wore it on a 350 mile ride. Basically the fit is good but a couple times I experienced some pressure on my forehead. Since that ride I bought a thinner 5mm liner which should give me a bit more room. With the face shield shut the helmet seemed to be fairly quiet but that’s hard to tell since I wear ear plugs. But one of my problems with this helmet is the face shield. I can’t crack it open a tiny bit to stop face shield fogging, I can only open it about 1” to the first detent. I'd rather not use the pinlock shield because of nighttime limitations so this is important to me. And my other problem is lack of ventilation. The chin vent and brow vents are small and don’t let in very much air and they are also difficult to operate. Overall this is a very nice helmet and I have no regrets in buying it. I expect with a bit more time on my head I will get used to this helmet. And you can’t beat the price, terms and great service that Motosport offers."
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