Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal Sysyem

Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal Sysyem
Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal Sysyem

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You'd never think of racing a car or motorcycle without a helmet. You shouldn't think of wearing a helmet without the Eject Helmet Removal System installed either. The simple device is so small and lightweight it does not change the fit and feel of your helmet -- you'll never know it's there. The Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System helps prevent further neck and spine injuries of crash victims. When any type of cervical spine injury is suspected, first responders can easily remove the helmet without causing further unwanted movement to the victim's head or neck. The system is so highly lauded that the AMA (American Motorcycle Assoc.) and the IRL (Indy Racing League) now require it for all licensed professional riders and drivers.

The Eject helmet removal device is a small bladder (pictured) that sits inside your helmet. Following a crash the bladder is easily inflated by trained EMT/first responders by using a squeeze bulb or CO2 cartridge, lifting the helmet from your head reducing the risk of further aggravating any potential neck injury. EMT/first responders must be trained on proper use of the Eject System (Inflator Bulb or CO2 Cartridge sold separately).

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The Shock Doctor Eject system is a must have for any rider competing on a track. It is not too expensive, installs easily, can be transferred to your next helmet, and can provide a way to remove your helmet w/o putting strain on your neck. My only complaint with this product is that may track medics (even at the amateur national level) are not aware of this and still pull the helmet off even though they suspect a neck injury (speaking from experience). Regardless, I fully recommend this product and suspect the medics will catch on soon.

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