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ICON Variant Helmet Shield ICON Variant Helmet Shield Mrpinkscycle - Tucson, AZ, USA variant mirror shield "I got the silver mirror shield! I love it!! It's perfect and looks killer!!"
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AGV Pista/Corsa Pinlock Insert AGV Pista/Corsa Pinlock Insert Fezsquatch - Corona, CA, USA AGV Corse/Pista pinlock "If you've never tried these before, I find them to be far better than some of the other add-on no-fog lenses, both in ease of installation, and quality of fog protection. The installation is not entirely fool-proof, and there are some nuances that make it a little smoother, but it's hard to mess it up. My advice; start with a shield that is completely clean, (not to mention your hands) and leave the plastic film on the side that goes towards your face to protect the anti-fog coating. Also, the pins on the shield are eccentric, so if the shield doesn't lay down, a small Phillips screwdriver can rotate the posts until the eccentric finds its sweet spot. Also, flexing the shield open slightly will allow the lens to lay down easier during installation. If the top or bottom of the lens is not laying flat against the shield, try rotating the lens up or down until it does, while flexing the shield open slightly. Now go ride!"
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