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Kryptonite Keeper 5-S2 Disc Lock Kryptonite Keeper 5-S2 Disc Lock Bikerdog - Florida Kryptonite keeper "This product works great, fits right on my Harley Rotor. Gives me added security!"
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Xena XX14 Disc-Lock Alarm Xena XX14 Disc-Lock Alarm SkyHogg - Faith, NC, USA Great Buy "We used this lock while traveling on a cross-country ride. I purchased two, one for each bike. The locking mechanism itself is a bit finicky to operate, and I wish it turned clockwise to lock and counter-clockwise to unlock, which would be more intuitive, but we got used to it. It also sometimes has to be fiddled with to get the tumbler to operate and to latch. I got the hang of it (you have to have patience) but my son would occasionally activate it while trying to engage/remove it. It is not as overly sensitive as many reviews of their earlier models indicated. I could carefully remove items from my saddle bags/tour-pack without setting it off, but if anyone righted the bike off the side stand it would have gone off. I would hate to lose the key to this as it looks like it would be a major operation to cut it off of the bike. Pricey, but worth the peace of mind."
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