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River Road Cavalier Hooded Leather Jacket River Road Cavalier Hooded Leather Jacket ZENPRORACING - San Diego, California Superb Quality "River Road Cavalier Hooded Leather Jacket definitely met my needs for touring on my refurbished classic 1980 Honda CB650. I purchased the jacket, unseen, and hoping it would meet my needs. Upon delivery and was astonished by its quality leather luster. Immediately I put it on for trial fitting and it was perfect thanks to the sizing guide provided by Motosport. The very next day I went for a ride, and not only did it feel comfortable, but it was pliable enough for me to move freely without any hampering restrictions. During the cooler months, the hooded insert kept me warm doing my travels. This past summer it provided me with that extra layer of confidence and provided me cool riding with the insert removed and the vented pockets sewn in allowing airflow throughout. In turn, it also ensured protection from the natural elements such as rain and being waterproof as well as a superb windbreaker. They’re designed with a longer back to ensure the full length of your back stays covered when leaning forward. Overall I am please with Motosport being able to supply touring enthusiasts such as myself, to other adventurers out there. A definite 10 score for this product."
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