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River Road Laughlin Jacket River Road Laughlin Jacket Goose - LA 4 out of 5 stars Nice Jacket "I'm 6'2" and 215lbs and the XL fits well but I would've liked an XL Tall version. The waist-line sits at my belt-line, I would've liked it to be a few inches longer, and the sleeves are just a hair short (obviously no fault of theirs, I'm just a lanky guy). It has a nice zip out insulated liner, and overall the jacket is comfortable and soft. The fabric has a worn or sun faded look to it (it's almost a charcoal grey color). I've got a few compliments on it from people who didn't even realize it had the CE protection inside of it, so it must hide it well...There's lots of hidden storage, and it's very versatile being able to take out the liner and open up the vents...So even though it's slightly short for me, I'm pretty happy with the quality and style."
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River Road Mesa Leather Jacket River Road Mesa Leather Jacket oldguysportbike 4 out of 5 stars Versatile and Appealing Jacket "The jacket was the most versatile jacket I've looked at. The full sleeved liner makes it useable for cold weather. It eaven has a neck sleeve tucked away in the liner. But remove the liner, open up the vents and you could wear this on all but the hottest summer days. My only critisism is that the sleeves were too long relative to the waist length. The jacket fit well but at the right wist height and chest size I founf the sleeves down to cover half my hand. And Im not out of proportion with a 46 chest and 34 arm length. The leather was nice, a little shiny but not too much so. Just a bit stiff but that will work in."
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