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Scorpion Balaclava Scorpion Balaclava Chuck - Hustisford, WI, USA Fits really great but...... "The fit on this is really great. It's not overly tight or loose. Don't even notice it under your helmet. Gives great protection from the wind on your face, neck and face ace are. The only thing I had a problem with was you would constantly feel cool wind going down the back of the neck. Would be better if a wind proof material could be used on the back. But still this a great item for use"
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Klim 2016 Neck Warmer Klim 2016 Neck Warmer phreakingeek - virginia Great piece of kit "Bought this on a whim at a rally...and put it to use immediately. Hard to believe that such a simple and inexpensive addition to your cold weather gear can make such a huge impact on your comfort. I keep it with me on the bike at all times and it works wonders. I use it to block the wind and protect my neck meat from icy wind. Also use it to cover my mouth and nose when it gets dusty or to keep my breath from fogging up my helmet shield. The only thing I wish it had was a drawstring on one end so i could convert it into a hat when I'm camping. Would be perfect around a campfire or sleeping in sub-freezing temps. Just came to this site to buy a few more to give away for presents to fellow riders."
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