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REV'IT! Vapor H2O Gloves REV'IT! Vapor H2O Gloves Veloc - Portland, OR Fantastic all-weather protection! "These are some of the most comfortable all-season gloves I've had the pleasure to wear. Fleece-lined interior keeps your hands from freezing when it's cold out (note: sub-freezing temps will still chill your hands to the bone - more on this below), mixed leather and textile construction gives the gloves great looks, and also fantastic tactile feel. Obviously, they aren't going to be paper-thin kangaroo hide like race gloves that are designed to give absolute tactile response, but when compared to many other all-weather gloves out there, they do not interfere with working the controls or feeling the grips. The waterproof liner is a major plus, and the gauntlet design can be used either over or under the sleeves of your jacket. Bonus points for the additional wrist closure, for added security in a spill (gloves without a wrist strap tend to fly off in a crash). Extra bonus points for the visor-wiper on the left index finger. Most sport/race-fit gloves omit this feature, and it's super nice to have when you ride 365 days a year. About the note above: These are not absolute polar temperature gloves. These are meant more for your typical all-weather, all-season duties where temps get down to - but not below - freezing. Tested the gloves at 40ºF, 80mph for fifteen minutes (dry weather, naked bike), and while my hands were not roasty toasty, they weren't badly chilled either. I never lost sensation in my fingers, or felt at all uncomfortable. Pair these with some heated grips, and you've got a really good setup for Winter riding."
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Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 Pants Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 Pants jtmaster - Okay pants "Joe Rocket QC seems to be lacking these days. I had to return the first pair due to a zipper that wasn't completely sewn on. Motosport exchanged them quickly and easily. While the waist fits to size the rest of the pant is a little baggy. Good to fit over shorts or pants I suppose. The zip off venitilation does an ok job. Where the vents are located the air really doesn't hit very much. Definetely not hot weather pants. I have an older pair of Joe Rocket pants that are constructed much better. I doubt these will last years, but we will see."
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