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TCX S-Speed Waterproof Boots TCX S-Speed Waterproof Boots Rainbowroostbruce - Indiana, USA Good boot, not water proof "I did a lot of research looking for a well built, water proof, comfortable but higly protective boot. I bought these two years ago when they were just released (new model). Protection seems in line with the price, $300, good. If our looking for "great" spend another $200 and buy a track boot. They are very comfortable. Nice sole both for riding and when lowering foot to the ground at a stop. Somewhat HOT, which is the characteristic of a waterproof boot. They are water proof-ISH. In light rain they did well. These boots are a bit squeaky. I silicon spray them at the joints when they start talking to me. That seems to cure it, for a while. So, yes I would recommend them. They are my only boot and I ride a sport standard and a cruiser bike.They ride well on both. I am now wanting maximum protection so, I will be purchasing a track boot soon."
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Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Jacket Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Jacket nardo53 - Nice Jacket "A little tight but its new and it has not yet relaxed yet. Took it on a 350 mile ride and was comfortable and warm. Weather was mid 50's. The only thing I don't like is it zips up on the opposite side then I'm use too."
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