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Chicken Hawk Racing Knee Sliders Chicken Hawk Racing Knee Sliders MotoNewbie - Greater Detroit area Great price, no complaints "Consistently cost less than most others I have researched, and having owned a half dozen sets, I've never had a complaint about the quality. I drag my knee through the overwhelming majority of freeway on-ramps, so I go through a lot of them. Every time I have looked at knee sliders (typically two sets per season), I always end up buying Chicken Hawk Racing sliders. They are larger than many others costing more, stay in place well, and last about as long as I would expect (I am unusually harsh on sliders). The only reason I can think of to not buy Chicken Hawk Racing knee sliders would be to keep a uniform set complete. My leathers are off brand, so it doesn't matter. These are the only sliders I buy."
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REV'IT! Replica One-Piece Suit REV'IT! Replica One-Piece Suit Veloc - Motosport HQ Best suit in its segment "This is a professional-grade suit at a trackday suit price. Extremely high quality materials, with super-flat safety stitched seams. Tremendous airflow and armored to the hilt. The only piece of armor it doesn't include off-the-rack is a spine protector, but it is built with the intent of adding the panel of your choosing. Removable/washable liner keeps swap rot out of your suit, while the packable hump allows you to stick some ice or a hydration bag in there (pass-through port for drinking tube built into the top of the hump). One of the nicer details in the suit is a dedicated pocket with a red pull tab meant for medical forms, next to a writable tag just inside the zipper where you can write your name and blood type, in the unfortunate case that it becomes necessary. One word of caution: Follow the sizing chart *precisely*. Go by your largest measurement. If all of your measurements would put you in a Size 50, but you've got a 44" chest, go with at least the next size up. If any of your measurements are outside of the sizing specs, it will be uncomfortably tight in that area. The suit, like all new suits, will be stiff when new, and slowly break-in over the course of several events as heat, sweat and movement work the leather into shape. There is ample stretch material, but it is a protective type cloth that has strong elasticity, so if you're in too-small a suit, the stretch panels will not help."
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