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ICON Cloverleaf Knee Sliders ICON Cloverleaf Knee Sliders Vaibhav - India These sliders are really good. "These sliders are really good, really a nice and thought about effort. These have been designed to use for modern and urban riders who wants safety, protection and at the same time comfort. Suits me very well and truly worth buying. Thanks, Vaibhav"
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Klim 2016 Tactical Shorts Klim 2016 Tactical Shorts Bobby - Southern Utah Not for enduro riding "I was disappointed at how thin the material is. The pad "blocks are thick with wide spaces between each one. This matched with the thin material will not hold them in place when you fall on rough or rocky terrain. Also when I have fallen, the injuries I have had are not in the places where the padding is. These would probably be OK for street under your leathers, maybe motocross, but not for enduro."
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