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Leatt 2017 GPX 5.5 Neck Brace Leatt 2017 GPX 5.5 Neck Brace MotoMatt - SW FL Great Neck Brace "This is a top quality product and I strongly recommend it. However, I am pretty disappointed in the pricing. Apparently this site picks and chooses who they price match. Wish I would have shopped around prior to purchasing here... BUYER BEWARE"
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Atlas Air Neck Brace Atlas Air Neck Brace WhyZ - Great Neck Brace "The Atlas brace came with two different size pads that sit on the collarbone to heighten/shorten the distance between the brace and helmet. Since I have a longer neck I went with the larger padding and it fits perfectly. Glad they included those in the box, as I was wary about too much movement with the helmet on. When I'm racing I really can't tell it's there. It's funny when I take it off and it realize it has mud on it, as I cant even feel when it's getting pelted by roost. I totally forget that I'm wearing it."
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