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GMAX GM2 Helmet - Camo GMAX GM2 Helmet - Camo Mindmangler - Salem, OR, USA Nice helmet for the price. "My star rating is probably misleading because the helmet was purposely purchased too small for me. I did not buy this helmet for myself but rather to have along for someone who might be in need for the day. I have another, similar, helmet by the same company that I really like. The only difference I notice is that the liner material has changed or evolved. My thought is that this will make a nice and serviceable helmet and the cost was very good."
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GMAX GM67 Helmet GMAX GM67 Helmet Datu - Decent helmet. "My head is like one of the character's from Gumby in the jeep. Like a big block! I have to make serious adjustments to helmets to fit comfortably. I was able to alter ear piece inserts to add intercom speakers and made it work properly. For the cost of this lid, it didn't bother me to rework it. It is nice and light."
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