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Motul Transoil Expert Gearbox Oil Motul Transoil Expert Gearbox Oil Ktm11madman - Ft Worth ,tx Motul Transoil Expert Gear Oil "Have tried many other trans oils. I mostly enduro/cross country ride. When cool clutch hangs a little but frees up quickly. Trans gears feel like this oil provides some cushioning as compared to others. Trans shifts easy with or without the clutch. Oil seems a little thicker than Honda hp4 if looking for last fraction of power but seems to provide better wear protection as it lasts a couple rides longer before starting to discoloring. Other oils I have been changing every 3 rides. This oil i Chang at 4 and it looks better than others at 3"
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Motul Wash & Wax Motul Wash & Wax ToxicButch1999 - Look new "This stuff works great and looks great. Very handy for locations with no running water to wash your bike."
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