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GMAX GM54 Modular Helmet - Derk GMAX GM54 Modular Helmet - Derk SwampYankee - Lake Ariel, Lake Township, PA 18436, USA Way better than expected "Bought two one medium for my wife and a Large for me. They both fit very well and are quite comfortable and have one of the best venting systems I have ever used. They are loaded with features normally found on more expensive helmets on the market. I would definitely buy again in the future."
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Scorpion EXO-GT920 Helmet Scorpion EXO-GT920 Helmet Joce79 - Great helmet "I purchased this helmet online after doing a lot of research and reading many reviews. I have an intermediate oval to long oval head. Finding a helmet that fits properly has been a nightmare but I've finally found the one that fits properly with no "hot spots". The helmet has a solid feel without being heavy. The padding inside is plush making the helmet tight when you first put it on but quickly conforms to the shape of your head. The cheek pads are quite tight on me and I have a pretty narrow face. I took them out and put them between my matress and box spring for 24 did compact the plush lining a bit making the cheek pads more comfortable (they were very easy to snap out and snap in). I haven't taken it out for a ride yet but with all the reviews I've read, I'm expecting it to perform well."
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