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ICON Field Armor Stryker Mil-Spec Vest ICON Field Armor Stryker Mil-Spec Vest Realrider00001 - Nowhere, Wy Back protection vest "The fit was good I'm 6'2 210lbs I got the 2x-3x. As far as durability I don't know yet too early to tell, looks to be only single stitched everywhere I expected a little more for the price. Colors are a little off from fabric to plastic, on the orange one I got. Not very noticeable from a little distance. Someone else mentioned the side velcro catching on your arm, mine too catchs a little occasionally. If the Velcro wasn't coming to a point on that side piece it probably wouldn't snag. All in all it looks awesome an I'm happy with it. I would like to see an upgraded version of this, would gladly have paid more for a little more quality."
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Olympia Blaze Vest Olympia Blaze Vest MountainTriumph - Ripton, VT, USA "I wanted a high viz vest to wear on days when I'm wearing black leather, and this Olympia vest (M/L) fits perfectly over my Fox Creek leather jacket (size 42), with Bohn body armor under that. I especially like being able to fine-tune the fit with the velcro straps on the sides. It's a nicely made vest. I haven't had a chance yet to take it on the road (still winter here in Vermont), so I'll report back later about how it feels to wear it at high speeds."
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