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Artrax MXT Rear Tire Artrax MXT Rear Tire Bfolk - Works well "I have had no problems w these tires. I hill climb and woods ride. My Zilla works very well w these mean tires.. Love the price too"
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Artrax Tire Combo Artrax Tire Combo Jasey - Tn Pleasantly surprised "After countless hours of searching reviews on these tires I finally took the plunge and decided to try out a set. I race harescrambles and was wanting the SX2's however I ACCIDENTALLY ordered the MX Pro's By the time I had realized it my order had been shipped, so I decided to try them anyway. I absolutely love the rear and will be buying another when it's time, however, the front tire is very skinny compared to my MX57's that were the same exact tire size and it made my front end push a lot in my first harescrambles race on them. I still would like to give the SX2 a shot on the front before I rule out Artrax front tires completely."
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