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Vega Series A Shield Vega Series A Shield webb - torrance "just what I was looking for. very good ride at all speeds. Just plain SUPER !!"
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AGV Pista/Corsa Pinlock Insert AGV Pista/Corsa Pinlock Insert nineTrider - New Jersey, USA better than constantly opening faceshield "I've had to use pinlock for over 1 year in winter and summer weather. Where it shines is during winter when fogging is rampant. There are few videos online showing how to install for a bubble free installation. You will notice in my photo that it does create a sealed air tight space between the face shield and pinlock that acts like your home windows. Plastic - air space - plastic = will block fogging from developing in the center of your faceshield. In very cold days, it's fun to see the fog surrounding the pinlock (trying to break-in but fails) while your field of vision is clear. Excellent technology for safety!"
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