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GMAX GM67 Helmet GMAX GM67 Helmet Lighter - Kansas Kinda tight "I have an in between size head (7 1/8) small too tight and medium too big, so I usually order a small, I trimmed out some of the Styrofoam liner in the forehead area (which is easy to do in this helmet because of the removable liner) and it fits just right, I did order the 25mm cheek pads from a local WPS dealer for a cost of $35 with shipping for a better fit, helmet came with 30mm cheek pads. Red and black color matches my Honda perfectly, the vents actually work unlike some other helmets I have had. Nice helmet for the price, I don't intend on using the face shield just the open face with bill, which is how the helmet was delivered."
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HJC FG-Jet Helmet HJC FG-Jet Helmet Luke - Fargo, ND Overall, a good 3/4 helmet "Just got back from a 2,200 mile trip with this helmet. Overall, it served me great! It held up in the rain, there is road noise but it was expected. -Like all helmets you can feel the weight after a while -The front shield pops off really easily for when you want more fresh air -I had some fogging issues but would just leave it open one crack -It kept me dry during the rain and visibility wasn't an issue -It's true to size so I am usually a XXXL and this is only a XXL so it is a little tight. Seems to be breaking in though. Still not sure if I'll get my headset ear pieces in there though since it is tight for me already."
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